Car collateral loans are not always what they seem… or what people think they were. Even though it’s getting to be a very normalized thing to take out a car collateral loan, many people have an impression about the actuality of how the loans work, and they are not accurate.

Car title loans in Alberta are easy to apply for, and you simply must own the title to your car without anything owing on it to a lender. All you must do is hand over your car title for collateral, and you will be given cash for whatever your needs are.

Whether you need a loan for education, a business loan, to pay back a friend or family member, need to cover some bills, or use it for a down payment on another loan… car title loans make it easy for you to get what you need, and you get to keep your vehicle during the term of the loan.

You can even apply for your loan online and often get approved the same day.

Collateral car loan

Collateral car loan

Here are some key points and on how car title loans work and some tips for managing them.

You do not need credit to apply for a title loan.

When you apply for a car collateral loan, you will not need to prove your credit score or even have credit. The only thing that is required to get approved for a loan is the ability to use your car as collateral and have your car title clear of any money owing on the vehicle.

The collateral loan can be paid off at any time.

  • The great thing about quick car title loans is that you can pay them off at any time. Most car collateral lenders provide terms that are not fixed for the duration of the loan. This allows you to easily pay your loan off to avoid the interest rates, and there is no charge or penalty. Once you pay the loan off, your car title is no longer collateral, and you keep your vehicle.

Car title loan payments are very affordable.

  • When you take out a loan, it can be hard to pay it back when the payments are high. Car title loans do not want to put you in that position so car collateral lenders typically offer the loan over a longer period which will make the payments way smaller and ensure you will be able to make the affordable payments.

Ensure you can pay the loan off.

  • When you have a vehicle title loan, you do not want to risk losing your vehicle to missed payments. Before you take out a title loan, be sure you can manage the payments and have a reliable income. Also, try to find a backup plan in case you lose that income, whether it’s another job or a family member who is willing to help you out if you need a few weeks to find a way to replace your income.

You can use the loan to leverage another loan.

  • If you need to take out another loan, a down payment is often required by a typical lender. If your bank is given no money down, they will usually charge you a high-interest rate on your loan, and your terms will be shorter. If you can provide a down payment, the banks see this as a sign of goodwill and financial responsibility on your part and will often reward you with lower interest rates and a longer term.

When you take out a title collateral loan, you can rest easy knowing that as long as you can afford the payments and know you have a way to pay it back on time, that you can keep your car and get easy access to quick money. This is the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of your vehicle and its ability to help you financially when you need it to.

Car title loans are great for people who have a sturdy job, do not have credit, and need access to money without a credit check.