Car Title Loans in Edmonton, Alberta

A car loan secured by the title is referred to as a car title loan. You can get cash fast with a car title loan in Edmonton, Alberta whenever needed. Don’t get upset if the bank denies your loan application because of poor credit. At Mr. GOODLoans, we can help with title loans against your car title. Many lenders secure loans by holding onto your vehicle. But with Mr. GOODLoans, you can keep driving your car during the repayment period!

Why Choose Mr. GOODLoans?

Mr. GOODLoans offers a quick and easy approval process. Most lenders have inflexible lending policies; this can make getting fast cash challenging. Mr. GOODLoans offers loans that provide the money you need while also allowing you to keep your vehicle!

Additional benefits include:

  • Lowest Interest Rates: From 9% – 28.5% APR
  • We Say APPROVED! When Other Lenders Say NO!
  • We Offer Short And Long Term Loans.
  • Flexible Payment Options.
  • Low Monthly Payment Rates.
  • Loan Repayment terms are 90 Days to 60 Months.
  • FlexTerm Loans – Pay off your loan at any time without penalty!


How Do You Get a Car Title Loan?

Follow our simple four-step process to secure your car title loan today!

  • Fill out an online application: Once you have filled in the details in our online application, a team member will contact you within four hours after the form is submitted.
  • Receive a quote: Our associate will contact you and provide you with a quote detailing your rate and loan options.
  • Approval: Approval is effortless. All that’s required is equity in your vehicle and that the title is in your name. If these criteria are met, automatic, same-day approval follows.
  • Drive off with cash in hand: Once approved, the repayment period begins, and you can drive off with your loan.

Loan Requirements

A few requirements are necessary before the loan application can be finalized. Once these criteria are met, you can get instant approval and drive off with cash in hand!

  • 18 Years or Older & Valid Canadian Drivers License
  • Positive Equity In Your Vehicle & Proof Of Ownership
  • Collision & Comprehensive Insurance
  • Insurance & Registration In Your Name
  • Proof of Address