Are you looking for a car title loan in Calgary? If so, you should know a few things before selecting a company. There is a wide range of lenders to choose from, each offering different interest rates, payback periods, payment options, etc.

When looking for a title loan in Calgary, it’s highly recommended that you weigh up a minimum of 3 companies to find one offering the terms and conditions most suitable to your current situation.

Car Title Loan Providers: 6 Things to Look For

It’s easy to start sifting through companies for your title loan. However, what’s not so easy is knowing what to look for in a company. Here are 6 things you should consider when searching for a title loan company in Calgary.

1. A Good Reputation

A good reputation should be the main thing on your mind when looking for a title loan company. Dealing with a reputable company will make your life much easier. Read online reviews, ask around and talk to people in your circle who may have worked with the company in question.

2. Reasonable Interest Rates

Search for a company with reasonable and competitive interest rates for a car title loan. You don’t need a lender with unaccommodating interest rates, charging far too much for the loan. Some things can go sideways if you take out a car title loan in Calgary, like paying more than your money can comfortably cover.

3. The Amount of Money You Receive

When searching for the ideal car title loan company in Calgary, you want to ensure you get the money you need. The lender should give you enough money and not overcharge you an amount that burdens you financially.

4. Payback Time

Find a company that provides a reasonable amount of time to repay the loan. At Mr. GOODLoans, we provide loan repayment terms from 90 days to 60 months. This payback grace period allows you to go at your own pace for repayment.

5. Flexible Repayment Plans

The ideal car title loan companies will have repayment plans that accommodate your needs. A good company will work with you via a repayment plan that is best suited for your present situation.

6. Loan Flexibility

You should not get involved with a company that overburdens its clients with loan inflexibility. A good company will provide the money you need, allowing you to repay it reasonably and at an affordable cost.


There are other variables to factor in when choosing car title loans in Calgary, but these 6 are crucial to ensure you get a good loan with the appropriate amount of money. At Mr. GOODLoans, we offer low-interest rates, flexible payment options, and same-day cash! Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more!